A Day In the Life of Poppy

Welcome to the life of Poppy. Yes, that’s me. A UK Indian living the dream in Barcelona. Please read, follow and don’t forget to have fun! As they say, laughter is the best medicine!

  • Chapter 3.2 How does one Trust Again?

    14th Jan 2020 by

    In Barcelona, there are many festivals and concerts, so many holidays as it’s a very religious city. So, before I venture out, I will need to empty my bladder (it’s very weak and I need to make sure there is a loo nearby!) I will also at some point, quite quickly, need to sit down.… Read more

  • Chapter 3.1 The Next emotional Roller-coaster

    9th Jan 2020 by

    Chapter 3.1 The Next emotional Rollercoaster I went to two different providers for advice and a consultation as it’s a big step to start having a foreign mix inside of your body. The first wasn’t satisfactory for me as I was given lots of information, leaflets and narrative and was asked to read and to… Read more

  • Chapter 3 A new Beginning

    5th Aug 2019 by

    Time has passed and I have remained in Barcelona. I won’t lie, it has been very difficult, emotionally, but the support I have received has been unbelievable. I am still in the same apartment, but the only difference now, is that I am single and live alone. I am happy. I never regret things that… Read more

  • Chapter 1.5 Nana

    22nd Jul 2019 by

    Hell has hit my heart – my grandad passed away from natural causes He was extremely sick and deteriorated rapidly. One day he was sent to hospital and within a few days all of the family were called to say their goodbyes. My brother made the call to me when it happened, and we cried… Read more

  • Chapter 1.2 Differences

    22nd Jul 2019 by

    The time is getting closer for the big move! It’s exciting but the stress has hit us both. The communication died a long time ago but now is the time we should be sharing each other’s feelings, but we’re not. Are these alarm bells or the alarm bells I should be paying attention too? But… Read more

  • Chapter 1.1 The start of Mind over Matter

    22nd Jul 2019 by

    The stress is sinking in. I feel as though I have no support from where I should have it but on the flip side, I have the understanding of dilemmas from places, yes, it should come from there, but not in the first instance? We made a promise to each other. Till death do us… Read more

  • Chapter 1 – The day New Beginnings Started

    22nd Jul 2019 by

    So, I have just heard the most amazing news! My husband has a new job in Barcelona 😁 My emotions are running wild , I have butterflies in my stomach, I’m full of excitement!! I am so happy for all the hard work he has put in – it’s finally paid off! And then the… Read more

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